Fun and fabulous, creative and colourful
Fun and fabulous, creative and colourful

About KerensCakes

I moved here, to Bar Sur Loup, in August 2000, with my husband and son and seven months pregnant with son number two.  I've always made cakes for my friends and family, a love for baking that has grown with me since I was tiny.


In 2001 I made my first character cake for my elder son's third birthday.  I really enjoyed it and loved everyone's comments, especially the reaction from my "son number one"!  


Soon I was known as 'The Cake Lady' and using the nickname 'CrazyCakes' I have since made well over 400 different character cakes!  I enjoyed the challenges that being self-taught threw at me, even if I did feel slightly overwhelmed at times!


I made simple cakes, carved cakes, tiered cakes, painted cakes, and always felt as though I could do better if I only had some formal training.


My dream came true as throughout 2012 and 2013 I took several Professional Cake Decorating Diploma Courses, which has earned me my Masters Certificate in Cake Decoration.


I am so excited as my obvious experience is now coupled with some truely outstanding training; it is almost overwhelming to think what I can produce now!


I have had to promise my friends that I will always keep my character cakes colourful and fun, as well as doing more 'elegant' cakes.


I hope you enjoy my site! 

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I hope you feel inspired by what you see here! This site does not show every single cake that I have made - please don't hesitate to ask me for something totally different!